Kevin McCarthy Slams ‘Biden Border Crisis’ From Privately Funded Border Wall

March 15, 2021 3:10 pm

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy on Monday slammed the Joe ‘Biden border crisis’ during his visit to El Paso, from the privately built border wall by “We Build The Wall.” During his presser, McCarthy challenged the president to come to the border to see the situation for himself.

Meanwhile, the White House still refuses to call the thousands of migrant children being held – some without beds or enough food – a ‘crisis,’ but press secretary Jen Psaki did say it is a ‘big problem.’

She also blamed Donald Trump’s administration for leaving the border a mess.

‘We Build The Wall’ built the wall in this particular high traffic area because it was so critical to the safety of the community and country, even more than other porous parts of the border. This stretch of wall is the best built wall of any wall along the border. That’s the power of private enterprise. Biden is now doing everything to undo all the progress made to securing our nation over the last four years and exposing America and Americans.