Bannon Explodes on Biden’s Moral ‘Rot in WH,’ ‘Dumb’ McCarthy, and ‘Mr. Open Borders’ Paul Ryan

March 16, 2021 7:46 pm

Stephen K. Bannon went on an epic rant tracing Joe Biden’s border crisis to the moral “rot in the White House” and feckless Republican leaders who failed to deliver border security.

Bannon slammed Kevin McCarthy for making a visit to the border now, after doing nothing to fix the problem when Republicans had a chance.

The “inarticulate” and “dumb” McCarthy and “Mr. Open Borders” Paul Ryan had power in 2017 and failed to deliver on President Trump’s agenda.

“You guys were in charge and had the ability to do it,” he said. “And you guys did nothing.”

The border crisis is “a complete disaster,” Bannon said.

“It is a policy problem and Jen Psaki is right [it’s] a moral problem,” he said. “But the moral problem is the rot in the White House.”

President Trump’s remain in Mexico and zero tolerance policies, which helped “people on both sides” of the border, had largely solved the issue, Bannon said.

Raheem Kassam said the worst part about what Biden is doing now is they are aware of the consequences of their open borders policies.

“They’re not empowering the cartels,” he said. They are aiding and abetting them. They know about the evil and they are pursuing policies that allow that evil to prosper.

“This regime is business partners with the cartel,” Kassam said.