Bannon: Biden China Meeting ‘An Embarrassment,’ CCP Knows ‘They’re Compromised’

March 19, 2021 1:27 pm

Stephen K. Bannon ripped the Biden regime’s Alaska meeting with China as “an embarrassment.”

Bannon said the fiasco was “an inflection point in American history,” because it shows China has the Biden regime compromised.

“Jake Sullivan is a messenger boy,” Bannon said. “Tony Blinken is a clerk.”

“Here’s the reason why the Chinese talk to them with no respect,” he said. “They treat Blinken like a clerk and Sullivan like a messenger boy and it gets back to the National Pulse reporting, it gets back to the fact that they’re compromised.”

Bannon said China’s treatment of the American delegation was “absolutely in your face.”

“Yesterday was an embarrassment,” Bannon said. “It shows you we are headed into very treacherous waters.”

The humiliation of Blinken and Sullivan is only the beginning, Bannon said.

“The beginning of they rip the mask off and now they’re just in your grill,” he said of the CCP.